Enabling e-commerce growth through technology

August 23, 2019 in Blogs

Enabling e-commerce growth through technology

“The Web and new technology offer more opportunities to reach a world market at a lower price. Today, a person can start a business at home and reach the world market.”Robert Kiyosaki

How often do you shop online? If you are like most living individuals on this planet, it is more often than not and increasing by each day. We are a society sensitized to transacting online but this hasn’t always been the case. Technology has enabled us to expedite the buying process end enjoy the comforts of staying in our underwear to order the latest Yeezy’s.

Just as the credit card processing system replaced the old-school cash registers, new technology is continuously advancing our society and the way we interact with retailers. What happens when the shop associate is no longer there to pose suggestions and assist you in finalizing your checkout, though? This is where the virtual shop assistant comes in. These pop-up “bots” that we see on various online retailers or other websites act as the attentive associate asking us if we need assistance. New technology is solving old processes in innovative ways.

All of this sounds great, but given the rise in e-commerce over traditional retail, coupled with the technological enablements that allow an individual to open an online store with speed and ease, what becomes the differentiator from one online retailer compared to another when it comes to e-commerce technology.

Standing out from your competition doesn’t stop with your product. If you want to stand out you have to continuously improve your online store and adopt new technology. Self-building e-commerce platforms, plugins, enhancements, themes, all of these add to your store giving it differentiation from the next. You don’t even need to know how to code to begin enhancing your online customer experience.

Acobot’s CEO, Vic Duan gives us insight into how useful these solutions are.

“You could have all of the developers at your disposal, it is still recommended that you take advantage of market tested solutions first when you want to enhance your online store. Custom development is slow, expensive, and evenmore risky in comparison to using apps. 

Where should you start? Let’s think of the top tangencies that derive from traditional retail, each of which maps to an important process of your online business 

  • Helping visitors discover the products that they may need or be interested in.
  • Making it easy to quick for a customer to checkout.
  • Providing answers to customers when they need assistance on an item.
  • Encouraging customers to add additional items to their purchase (think of the zig-zag lines at Best Buy).
  • Enabling mobile support and adopting new technology – Apple Pay at the register.

If you want to get started quickly, look at the features the market is using. Be aware not that not every app your competitors use will be good for your store, though.

Try it.

Test it.

Observe it.

Keep it if it works. 

As technology continues to accelerate we will begin to see new enhancements occur and ways we interact with our society change. Creating an innovative environment that allows risk to be taken and putting the customer experience first can be a powerful combination when wielded properly. Not all change is bad, you just have to know how to use it.

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